Cannot Login

Trying to login and every time I enter my username and password then select “sign in”, it just refreshes the page and removes my username and password.

I just installed 1.8.2 today on a new server. I did have piwik working properly on an a previous server, it wasnt 1.8.2 though.

Can you try withh a different browser?

Very interesting. I am not able to log in via IE, however Chrome does work.

Thanks much!

OK, now I have a new problem though.

When saving a new site, the site name changes to a “0”.

So in the “Name” column, all my site Names show as “0”, without the quotes.

In addition, none of the widgets work and the Last 30 minutes visits are the same as the Last 24 hours visits

Can you reproduce the site 0 problem in another browser? nobody else reported this bug so it seemsunlikely but maybe we missed it?

It is common knowledge that IE has many, many problems and is in general unstable garbage.
Try FireFox.

There may have been an issue with the FTP upload to my server.

I decided to do a complete re-install and that seemed to have corrected all my issues.

Thanks to everyone for trying to help me out.