Cannot login to my analytics


I was going to try and update today but but something happened in the process and now I cannot login at all. I am using HMA Pro VPN and I am sure that is the problem. But now what do I do??? I need to prevent this problem in the future since now I live on this analytics more then my website.

Also if my website goes down my anylitics goes down with it. Hostgator tried telling me there was no way to load the file into a header or footer at the host to prevent this. Is that true???

I need to somehow set this up to a “set it and forget it” type thing. Is that possible??? I LOVE these analytics when everything is working great. I need to log back in. P.S I aslo need to change my screen name.


Can someone help me with this??? I erased the cookies and that doesn’t work.


Why can’t you log in? What error do you get?


“Error: Username & Password not correct”. But they are correct. This has been a problem in the past but I have always managed to get in. This time the problem is huge.


Well I have had enough DONE with Piwik. We are in the information age where time is our most valuable asset and things have to get done FAST. Like response time. Adiós Amigos! B)-

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

you should have reset your password, or try in a different browser. What version are you using?