Cannot Login Because of Blocked IP

I set the following configuration in the Brute Force Detection settings (How do I disable brute force authentication security checks for specific IP addresses? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo):

Always block these IPs from logging in:

The CIDR above will block all IP addresses. Then I set my own IP range under the never block section:

// example

Well now I can’t login because I’m getting the following error:

You are currently not allowed to log in because you had too many failed logins, try again later.

How can I reset or edit the Brute Force IP blocking? I have SSH access to Matomo installation directory and can update files. I’ve tried adding my IP to the config.ini.php file. I added the following:

login_whitelist_ip[] = 173.*.*.*

However, the login_whitelist_ip[] setting did not fix the issue.


I also tried the following console command:

./console login:unblock-blocked-ips
./console cache:clear

However, that did not fix the issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?