Cannot declare class because the name is already in use - Plugin Development

Hello, there! I’m trying to create a plugin, but when I create a ProfileSummary class the VisitorDetails screen stop working and the PHP log shows the following error.

Already tried to keep simple, so remove all the content of the functions

PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class Piwik\Plugins\AdvancedTracking\ProfileSummary\AdvancedSummary, because the name is already in use in /var/www/html/matomo/plugins/AdvancedTracking/ProfileSummary/AdvancedProfileSummary.php on line 0

<?php namespace Piwik\Plugin\AdvancedTracking\ProfileSummary; use Piwik\View; use Piwik\Plugins\Live\ProfileSummary\ProfileSummaryAbstract; /** * Class AdvancedProfileSummary */ class AdvancedProfileSummary extends ProfileSummaryAbstract { public function getName() { return ""; } public function render() { $view = new View('@AdvancedTracking/_advancedProfile.twig'); //$view->profile = $this->profile; return $view->render(); } public function getOrder() { return 10; } }

@innocraft any idea?

Hi @RaulMendez ,

It seems like the naming of your plugin is conflicting with the existing ones in Matomo, please look in to that space.