Cannot click on save options, cannot see the widget, cannot select the widget

Hi, I’ve a very strange issue I’ve not found any informations of faq or google, I’ve installed Piwik without problems, also on the check page all was ok.
When I login into, I see 0 widget and when I click on add widget nothings append, also on setting I cannot save anything, also i cannot change the dashboard time. I’ve try with 3 browers (oper 11.5 chorme 12 ie 9) and on each I’ve found the same issue (the Piwik demo mode works fine).
Thanks for any info.

what webserver, php, OS do you use? Try and delete the folder tmp/assets/ and refresh Piwik?

I use Apache 2.2.16, Php 5.2.14, don’t know the os I use host1free webhost.
I’ve tryed to delete that folder but nothing happend :X

try rename tmp/assets to tmp/_assets ?