Cannot change language in Internet Explorer 8


When trying to change the language using the language combobox at the top, the combobox closes before I can select the desired language.

This is the case for languages for which you need to scroll the list of the combobox.
E.g.: “Nederlands”.
When I drag the scrollbar or click on the down arrow of the scrollbar the list just closes very fast before I am able to select the language.

The problem occurs in Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.19019 on Windows Vista
It does NOT occur in Firefox 3.6.16.

I tried it on several pages, like the “Dashboard” page and the “All Websites” page.

(vipsoft) #2

Can you try on the Piwik demo? It’s running the 1.3 release candidate.


Just tried the Piwik demo
This time on another machine (Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 8.7600.16385).
Same problem.

Just click on the Language menu at the top, and try to move the scrollbar or click once on the down button.
The dropdown list closes almost instantly.