"Cannot change cache limiter" and "Module 'imagick' already loaded" warning in error log

Hi folks

I’m new to matomo, so please forgive me if this is a noob question. I installed matomo via Softaculous
on a premium but shared host, and it works fine, with green checkmarks in the system check EXCEPT these constant errors in the error_log file:

31-Dec-2018 11:17:42 Europe/Copenhagen] PHP Warning: session_cache_limiter(): Cannot change cache limiter when headers already sent in /myfolder/core/bootstrap.php on line 32

[31-Dec-2018 11:17:56 UTC] PHP Warning: Module ‘imagick’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0

Been collecting stats from 5 WordPress sites in a month or so - and it seems solid.

PHP 7.2.13

What can I do to eliminate these errors?

Kind regads

On two sites I downgraded to PHP 7.1, and so far, a few hours later, no errors at all. Previously, matomo logged the session_cache_limiter approx error approx every hour.

So far I’m considering this solved. But keep an eye on this out there, when upgrading to PHP 7.2…

First: Both warnings can be ignored safely if you don’t care what is in your error log.

Second: First warning is Matomo related, will be fixed in the future if it is a problem. Second warning is unrelated to Matomo.

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