Cannot Add Websites


Prior to the update, I was able to add additional websites for Piwik to pull analytics for, but now clicking the Add Website button takes me to global settings and my dashboard says I have access to 1 website and that a Super User can add/edit Global Settings.

For example - I currently use Piwik to pull analytics data for, but I also want to add and This option used to be available to me, but after the update it is no longer an option.

Is this because my hosting account has a main domain & then each add-on domain points to a folder on the same domain? Aka - my main site is, but when I add-on it points to This is the way in which my host handles add-on domains and there’s nothing I can do to change that… but I really need to be able to track SodaShoppe.Net and as separate websites.

The other thing I thought it might be is that my host has not yet upgraded to the new version of PHP, which I made sure to contact my hosting company and let them know that the PHP version needs to be upgraded. Could this message be the reason I’m having an issue? Or is this something else entirely?


I have exactly the same issue after updating to 2.13.0.

When I go on the Administration>Websites page, I cannot add a new website - there is just no button/link to do that.

This is very frutrating, as I can see a link to “Add a new website” appearing on my screen for a fraction of a second, and then it disappears, I have the tabular view of my web sites, but no way to add a new website.

Also, I cannot edit the settings for any website. When I click to do that, I have an empty alert windows, and I just can close it without any action done.

Is there a fix, or a way to roll back to an earlier version?


I have exactly the same problem as Silver0l.
Piwik 2.13.0, the add button disappears during loading of the page, and some alert message is empty.

Edit –

Apparently this style adds to the button via js.

  display:none !important;

After edit, and then create a second site, the problem no longer appears.

Excuse me for my English.

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Hi there,

Sorry that we let this bug slip through. Please check the workaround in this bug report: Can't add new site after update to 2.13.0 · Issue #7802 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

it will be fixed in the next release (but you can already create new websites by following workaround)


I am running 2.14.3 and am having the same issue. I have tried removing &showaddsite=1 from the URL and I still can’t add a new website.

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@kds, can you check this FAQ maybe it will help? How do I configure my server to let Piwik serve HTML files? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if not, can you create a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub


@matt, I checked that FAQ and everything looks as it should. Even that test file referenced in the FAQ looks the same on my server although it looks like perhaps the file is also returning errors? I get this information on both the demo server and my server:

{{ ‘General_AllWebsitesDashboard’|translate }}
{{ ‘General_Website’|translate }} {{ ‘General_ColumnNbVisits’|translate }} {{ ‘General_ColumnPageviews’|translate }} {{ ‘General_ColumnRevenue’|translate }} {{ ‘MultiSites_Evolution’|translate }}
{{ ‘MultiSites_LoadingWebsites’ | translate }}
{{ ‘General_ErrorRequest’|translate:(’’):(’’) }}
{{ ‘SitesManager_AddSite’|translate }}

« {{ ‘General_Previous’|translate }} {{ ‘General_Pagination’|translate:model.getCurrentPagingOffsetStart():model.getCurrentPagingOffsetEnd():model.getNumberOfFilteredSites() }} {{ ‘General_Next’|translate }} »
[{{ ‘General_ClickToSearch’ | translate }}]

I have also opened an issue on Github: Cannot add new websites · Issue #8541 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub