Can we send multiple site ids in matomo configuration variable

Hi Team,

Is there any way of sending multiple site id in the site id section of Matomo configuration variable so that same data can be send to different site ids?

Any leads in this topic will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hi @amitadvik
The only simple solution I see is the duplication of tags (using the same events as the 1st tracking), but with a second Matomo configuration variable (that defines the second site ID).

Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your reply.

But with this approach, tags will be duplicated, and the container size will increase tremendously so now my question is whether there is any size limit of matomo tag manager. or will heavy-size containers impact the performance of the website?


Hi @amitadvik
A good feature request for TagManagerExtended plugin, @RonanChardonneau, @ronan_hello, what do you think?


I think you may use a lookup table (wich is made for this exact case).
A `lookup table is a variable that return different values based on the context.

Here, the context could me the site domain.
if domain is, variable return 1,
if domain is, variable return 2

In Matomo, I use the variable URL Variable and then, click on “Advances settings”, the lookup table editor will display.
Use this variable in your Matomo Configuration to return the right idSite for each domain.


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