Can we detect rage clicks, error clicks, dead clicks and mouse shakes through Matomo?

Hi everyone? I came to know that the Piwik Pro can detect rage clicks, dead clicks, and mouse shakers. Here is the reference link.

So is there any alternative available in Matomo? Or can we write a custom code to detect them?
Please help me in this regard! Thanks!

I saw this:

and this:

To be adapted to MTM… :wink:

Thank you so much @heurteph-ei, also need help to detect error clicks, dead clicks and mouse shakers. @Lukas do we have some type of code in Matomo for detecting these type of clicks?


Just FYI, not every conceivable feature needs to be part of Matomo core (or Tag Manager in this case).
That’s what plugins are for. One can easily create a plugin that contains Tags/Variables/Triggers/etc. and can then publish it on the marketplace for those who need it.

Thanks @Lukas and @heurteph-ei , I will try to create a plugin and publish it on marketplace. :slight_smile: