Can see myself in real time, not in detailed historical report

Hello. I have just installed Matomo on premise, no errors or failures, etc.

The problem: I can see myself in real-time / “Last 24 hours” report, but not in detailed historical reports.

Screenshots taken on September 3: I expect to see the data for September 2, but there is nothing.

Please help me find a solution.

Thank you,

Can you share the visitor profile (image icon)

Not sure if this is related, but after I reverted archiving settings to the default Archive reports when viewed from the browser = Yes, I started seeing historical data. Would appreciate a confirmation if this is the solution.


You always either need to have browser archiving enabled or (maybe better) have the cronjob work successfully.

So maybe make sure the cronjob still runs correctly and check its output log

Thank you for the advice, Luke. I don’t understand the ‘archiving’ part: I don’t want the data to be archived, I want it to be right here, not somewhere deep in a warehouse, so to speak. What does archiving do? How is it related to historical records?


“Archiving” isn’t the perfect term, I know, but it describes the process in which Matomo takes the raw list of every single visitor on the website (so what you see in the visitor log) and calculates all other reports from it.
It’s quite computationally expensive (depending on the number of visitors) and therefore doing it in advance with the cronjob instead of when opening Matomo speeds things up a lot.

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