Can Piwik be setup to do this?

Hi, i was wondering if Piwik can enable me to track which keyword or placement the the visitor went through (via paid traffic) to reach a form, but also when they fill out the form, not only do I want to track the keyword or placement, but also the customers name (from the form) with the keyword or placement.

So in Piwik , it will have both:
Keyword/Placement | Name of Customer

I want to track this information, because the customer is highly unlikely to make a purchase immediately after entering their information into the form. And normally the purchase will be made on the phone, when the sales person calls. So if they do make a purchase on the phone, I can look back (manually) and see which keyword/placement resulted in that conversion since their name would be there aswell.

Can Piwik be setup to do this?

Or is there anything out there which you know, which will enable me to track like this?


Yes you can do this with Custom Variables Custom Variables Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo