Can Piwik be configured so users are not tracked by default?


I am trying to figure if Piwik can be configured in a way so that it follows the Swedish interpretation of the EU cookie law. In Sweden the user needs to give permission Before a cookie is set. I have read the Piwik documentation about privacy settings and as I understand it a cookie is set before the user has had the chance to accept it. Or I am misunderstanding?

Anyway. My question: Can Piwik be configured so the user will have to accept cookies before a cookie is set?


No one knows the answer to this?



You should have a look here : Configure Privacy Settings in Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I’m a newbee to piwik (looking for one Android app technical perf monitoring , that’s all).

As I know, here in France, that doc explain howto :, it explains why and howto “no consent needed for Piwik”.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply but I would be great to get a technical answer as the rules are interpreted different in Sweden.