Can Matomo in docker container be stateless?

Our Matomo instance has been running on virtual hosts for years. We’re now interested in deploying to containers in our AWS infrastructure. The docker hub image is a good addition, but can it be made “stateless” (i.e., not reliant on persistent storage) and still survive a restart? If so, how can the core:archive be run?

We’re experimenting with an additional container to do nothing but the archive, but are open to additional ideas (such as deployment from git). Thanks!


Did you have any luck finding information about this?

I am also wondering if it’s possible to use AWS Fargate and when needed run multiple instances of the container.

We’re working on this in Fargate now and I’ll post the solution when it’s complete. The archive can easily be done by using the web interface and a key. The largest issue is loss of the initial configuration when containers change state.