Can I wipe config and restart config again?

In terms of sys admin I’m a hobbyist who has a blog, on my own domain, let’s say I decided that I’d play with piwik and installed it on my Nginx powered site, but decided that I’d put piwik on a different port, (81). So my blog is on 80 and piwik is on port 81. That just has not worked out for me and no tracking of site visits is being registered at all. I decided that I’d start fresh and put piwik on it’s own domain, (

Just wondering what I have to do to restart my install? Wipe the database, and re-create it? Delete the piwik file hierarchy and download it again? Can piwik be on a different domain like that or is that going to confuse it and again it’ll not register site visits?

Just dropped the database, and re-installed piwik

That should so it. Just make sure the Javascript code for Piwik is pointing at the right place.