Can I import previous Piwik data to new Piwik install?

I couldn’t auto-upgrade piwik anymore, so I decided to install a new version of the latest .5 Piwik. I used a new directory on my webserver, but used the same database my older Piwik used. I noticed the new table prefix is piwik_ as opposed to pwk_ in my old install. As a result, it created all new tables. Is there a way to import my old data into the new tables? Should I just reinstall & change the prefix to pwk_ during install?

I thought I’d start fresh because my previous piwik (.4.5 or something) wasn’t auto-updating for the last 2 builds. It still worked, but I figured something must be wrong. I also got some utf8 error during the install of .5 (addressed here).


edit the prefix in config/config.ini.php

re: utf8: Don’t change anything now, otherwise you’ll have a mix of utf8 and non-utf8 in your database. I’m working on a migration script for users with existing data.