Can I enable plugins for specific users only?

Hi all!

I just purchased my first license for a premium plugin. :smile: Since I’m the only user who’d be using it, I purchased the license for 4 users or less.
I’ve set everything up, but it seems I cannot enable the plugin. I think it’s because in total there’s over 4 users registered in our Matomo (including the super user account).

I expected I would be able to choose which 4 users can use the plugin, but I haven’t found such a feature.

So… does that mean I have no way of using my license without either 1. upgrading for even more users or 2. removing existing users?

That’d be really disappointing. I thought I already had a license that would cover up to 3 more people than will actually be using the plugin (1, me). :frowning_face:

Hope anyone has better news.

Hi There,

The user level in the license relates to the amount of registered users in your Matomo (all users are counted regardless of privileges) . It is not possible to restrict the amount of registered users who can use the plugin to match the license. If you are seeing a warning that you have too many users for the license, you will need reduce the total amount of users in your Matomo or purchase a license to cover the amount of users you have. For more information on our subscriptions please see here: Matomo Premium Features Subscription Guide – Matomo On-Premise Marketplace

The license does not restrict the amount of websites you have or the amount visitors to your websites.


Oh, dear. That is pretty bad news.

I’m going to have a hard time justifying paying for users that won’t be using the plugin. :thinking: In fact I thought I was already doing that, but that was fine: at least 1 is in the range of 1-4. But this would mean I’d have to justify an upgrade to a license for even more users (5+) who would also not be using the plugin.


That was not clear to me from the market pages at all. :frowning: