Can I create one website in matomo to track both IOS, Android App & PWA website?


I am new to matomo, and I want to track and see data for IOS, Android App & PWA website (same applications of different platforms).

In matomo > All websites
Should I create one webiste to track data of IOS, Android App & PWA website or create different website for each? I prefer one website if possible.


You can track using the same website ie the same idsite…
The segmentation of the platform should also automatically taken into account (to be verified) thanks to the parameter:

ua — An override value for the User-Agent HTTP header field. The user agent is used to detect the operating system and browser used.

(from Tracking HTTP API - Optional User info)

If not, you can add a custom dimension:

thanks for the reply.

what will be the User-Agent when it’s IOS app and Android app? I don’t know how to see the data for apps only with user agent.

If matomo is only used to track app, then it should work without setting custom dimensions. but my data mixing apps and PWA, so I don’t know how to see the data for apps.

You should test (and share the result there ;-)).
Just check how it is displayed in the Vists log:

And if the result is not convincing, just add the custom dimension, and you’ll be able to segment visits…

I see my android app as webview browser here

but I did not see my IOS app yet, maybe integration issue. will check


I can see my IOS app shown as user-agent safari. it shows just like PWA website, can not tell the difference unless click into view visitor profile to see the visited links.

the problem is it failed to track all the page visited in IOS app, and always display the home page only. my app is a SPA. tracking works for android, but not for IOS SPA app.

Have a look there…