Can any of you talk a bit about perfomance?

Hi everybody,

I only have a dozen or so sites that I’ll be watching with Piwik, and all but one
of them are quite low traffic with under 10k pages per day. But I do have one site
that averages roughly 120k daily, and experinces brief (18 to 60 hour) surges twice
a year around specific product launches, where I’ll see 12 to 20 times that traffic.

I’m not too worried about DB size (although, with my partitioning scheme maybe
I should be…) but I am curiuos about performance. Can any of you tell me about
server loads and/or repsonse times when you’re under load? Is real time tracking
possible or does it “check out” at certain load levels? Are you running other services
or sites on the same host as your piwik installation and if so, are they affected
noticably when piwik is really churning?

Many thanks,

(Edit: sorry, I’d meant for this to be part of another thread.)

You might want to seperate your Piwik installation from your normal webserver. This way even if Piwik is archiving and increasing the load your normal websites will not be affected.

Otherwise you might want to turn off archiving for the high traffic periods and archive (run the cronjob) your data when traffic goes down.