Campaigns not showing up [Piwik version 1.4]

Hi all,
I’m in the process of evaluating Piwik for a project, so I installed it on my local environment (localhost) with xampp. I have a local wordpress site (localhost/wordpress/) that I use to track. Everything works great, except for campaigns. Here’s my URL for the campaign:

When I run this URL, I can see the cookie _pk_ref.1.1fff being created with the following value:


But when I go to the Campaigns tab, nothing shows up except for the message “There is no data for this report.”

As I said, everything else works perfectly fine. Is this because I’m running it on my localhost?

Thanks in advance for any help! Have a great weekend!

I just figured this out, thanks to another post I found: Campaign tracking only works on an entry visit, for a unique visitor. So as I was testing on my local environment, I was not a unique visitor, so I went to a different browser, deleted all cookies (just in case), and went to the tracking URL (with pk_campaign), and it worked!