Campaign vs keyword Conversion Data Discrepancy

Hi Everyone

We are encountering a discrepancy in a client’s data that we haven’t been able to explain. We are using a segment that filters for both a particular string in the campaign name and a particular string in the keywords simultaneously.

Using this segment, in the report Goals -> Channel Type we will see a certain number of conversions for a particular goal for Campaigns (The only channel shown because of the segment). For example, 20. But when looking at the Goals -> Campaigns report the sum of the conversions for each keyword will be less. For Example, 14. As far as we can see these should be the same number.

Is anyone able to suggest reasons why we are seeing fewer conversions in the Campaigns Report than in the Channel Type Report?


Hi there,

I would apply the segment to the visitor log and do the manual count to see which one are missing.
If you have only 20, it should be doable.

Thanks Ronan

I had a look and I see all 20 visits. The ones that are missing all seem to have no keyword set and so have the autogenerated keyword. However there are some visits that have this autogenerated keyword where the conversion is shown properly in the Campaign report.

I exported the Goals -> Campaign report and it includes the missing keywords in the list. However, it still only shows the 14 conversions in the “Conversions (Goal idGoal = 1)” column with the rows for the missing keywords being blank. However, in the Visits with Conversion Column (not the “Visits with Conversion( idGoal=1)” column but the first Visits with Conversion Column) it shows the missing values and only shows values for the keywords that were missing. So something like:

Campaign, Keyword, Visits with Conversion, Conversions

Any idea why some but not all campaigns with autogenerated keywords have values in the Visits with Conversion column but nothing in the Conversions column? And all others have values in the Conversions Column but not the visits with Conversion Column.

If it helps here are two more pieces of information:

  • I pulled this list adding the Goal as an element of the segment to make sure no other goals where being represented in the data.

  • In the CSV the campaign/keyword combination with the most “conversions” is one that is missing the values in the Conversions column. It shows 3 visits with conversions and the system did sort it properly in the export to the top of the list.

I hope that makes sense and hope you might be able to shed some light.

Thanks again.

Anyone have any thoughts on this please?