Campaign URL not working for newsletter email

I have used the campaign url builder to make campaign tracking links in a newsletter that will be delivered by email. When I test the links nothing shows up in the dashboard. I’ve read all the documentation for campaign tracking and I cant tell what I’m missing. This is the link that the builder created and it doesn’t work. Is there a parameter that I may be missing?

or should the link be like this similar to how the image beacon is setup?

Thank you for the assist.


The campaign URL parameter only work if you are linking to your website (as in a website that is tracked by Matomo).
So open https://yoursite.example/?pk_campaign=monday_mitre_email&pk_source=newsletter&pk_medium=email&pk_content=job_openings and you should see the campaign data in the visitor log next to your visit.

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Is there anyway to track when they go to external sites? But this worked and I really appreciate your help.