Campaign tracking no live data

I did set up a newsletter campain and sent test mails (also to my devices on other IP networks, in case matomo ignores the IP that does login to the backend)

matomos documentation says when choosing “today” for showing data, it uses live data (maybe 15 minuten within)

But nothing shows up, besides one result from a test I sent out yesterday to colleagues. Mine from today, who have another campaign name, do not show up. How can that be? I only changed the campaign name in the tracking pixel link.

One thing I note though, the documentation says “when chosing today for the timeframe”, but in matomo backend > campaigns for chosing a timeframe, there is no “today” but I have to select todays date. I can only suppose that it reacts knowing this is today’s date and would change to live data. But, this seems not to be working.