Campaign Tracking, Incoming URL and NodeJS

I just threw a NodeJS app up on a server and I am trying to implement tracking on it.

I can track the page views and so on like normal. But the incoming URL is not working or I am missing what change is needed to make it actually load the page.

It seems since there is no index.html or index.php the NodeJS server does not like the incoming URL.

Here are the ways I have tried so far.

All fail on the GET request. I even tried with the name of the file the NodeJS server is running

Anyone know what I am missing here? The NodeJS server is being proxied to Port 80 on apache

What is the problem exactly ? “incoming url not working” is not clear to me

Yeah if I try any variation of the incoming URL the page wont load. I get a GET error.

It seems since I can not specify the file that is being served by the NodeJS server that is being proxied to Apache the incoming URL fails on the GET request. Not sure how else to be more specific other than if you use the incoming URL convention stated in the FAQ’s. That I know works as it does on many other sites running Apache and NGINX, just minus the portion of having a nodejs app proxied to apache. Fails using the stated methods in the FAQ’s. The browser displays GET request failed.

The examples above were how I have tried and failed.