Campaign names view only shows zeroes for 'Goals metrics'

Hey there, I now my goal tracking with revenue is working, I want to see how our campaigns are performing. However, all the goal metrics are empty in the table at Goals > Overview > Goals by Referrers: Campaign Names with the ‘Display a table with Goals metrics’ visualization:

Now you could think that we just have bad campaigns, but when I open the segmented visits log for the one at the bottom of the screenshot, I can see that some of the visits converted to goals and what revenue these generated. Looking at the visitor profile for one of them, I see that some of the goal conversions happened upon the first visit, ruling out that it’s an attribution issue with first/subsequent visits:

Does anyone have a clue why the campaign names table only shows zeroes? Exporting it to CSV/HTML only gives me the same zeroes.

Hi @kslstn
Do you use the Marketing Campaign Reporting plugin?
Also, which version of Matomo do you run?

Hi @heurteph-ei, I have Marketing Campaign Reporting v4.1.3 and Matomo v4.12.3.

Then I suggest you create a bug report at:

Oh ok, yeah I will! Thanks!

For tracking purposes, here is the bug report: