Campaign and Referrer


I mostly have a campaign running on different sites. Sometimes I already have links from that site. I want to track a campaign and know what is the external referrer. I now can only do that by using different campaign code for each external URL or? So on the campaignreport I want to fold out and see which referrer has the biggest contribution in the campaign. And also I want to monitor the different URLS and compare them with average campaign results.

Is this already possible? Or a possible enhancement?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Unfortuantely it’s not yet possible to see referrer for each campaign. For this purpose you can use Goals which will give you the referrer for each goal conversion.


matthieu, I am having exactly the same issue.
I have tagged links, but I would like to see referrers of traffic that is tagged as campaigns. Did anything change since this question was answered?
I also could not find where can I check referrer in Goals section.

Thank you.