Calender Dates are disable

(Sparsh Kumar Saxena) #1

Today is 20/11/2015 but dates on calender shows disabled to me. please see attached image.

How can i enable today’s date to test my data.

(Juraj Hudak) #2

Are there any data tracked already for today? If so, reloading the whole page should fix the calendar. At least it workend for me now.

(Sparsh Kumar Saxena) #3

yes, data was present in my database for today’s date i.e. 20/11/2015.

(Juraj Hudak) #4

And did the reload fix your missing day in calendar?

(Sparsh Kumar Saxena) #5

At that time when i refresh the page it was not working.

but after some time it automatically works do not how.

(Juraj Hudak) #7

Well, I found another browser tab from yesterday and after one reload it showed all days as expected.

(Juraj Hudak) #8

And after all a suggestion - check the server time.