Button to add visitor's IP to ignored list of IPs

It would be very helpful if there could be a button on the Visits Log and/or Real-Time Log and/or Visitor Profile overlay that adds the IP address of that visitor to the list of globally ignored IPs.

I need to do that particularly for users (like editors of blogs, staff etc.) who should not be counted.

Currently I have to hover my mouse over the flag, then note the IP address on my notepad, then go to the settings and so on - for each visitor I need to exclude. These are many steps.



An addition button for something that only some Matomo users will use sounds complicated, but this is a perfect use case for a plugin.

Maybe if I have too much time left, I’ll look into it.

This feature would require a permanently assigned IP address. For me, that wouldn’t work. My ISP does not assign the same IP address every time I connect to their network. It also wouldn’t work when the user is using different networks, depending on where they are at the moment.

In short: “You cannot rely on the IP address to uniquely identify a given user.”

But the list of ignored IP addresses must exist for a reason. I don’t think that you need to “uniquely identify a given user”. You just need to take the current IP address and add it to the list. Why does it have to be permanently assigned? If it changes after some weeks or months, you just add the new address. Just what you would do with the list of ignored IP addresses.

All pros and cons are the same - whether you add the IP address with a button or type it manually into the text field. The difference is just how the address gets into the list.

It’s not an urgent thing. Just a small idea. Yes, maybe for a plugin. :slight_smile:

Indeed most ISPs in my country rotate IP addresses every 24 hours.

Nevertheless such an ignore button for bots, company internal IPs, etc. would be helpful.

BTW: If it is only about your own IP and you don’t have a static one, you can use Exclude By DDNS - Matomo Plugins Marketplace

And indeed I had a bit time left and wrote the plugin:

You can download the ZIP from https://github.com/Findus23/plugin-QuickExcludeVisitorIP/archive/master.zip, rename the plugin-QuickExcludeVisitorIP-master directory to QuickExcludeVisitorIP, move it to the plugins/ directory and enable it in the plugins list.

If you have any feedback, just report it.

Otherwise I’ll add translations and publish it on the marketplace.

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Thank you very much!

EDIT: Meanwhile tested it, works great! Just had to log out and in again, maybe a caching problem.

Just noticed that I totally forgot to publish the plugin on the marketplace:


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