Bundled Tracker - Cross Domain Linking

Using the Bundled Tracker is an good idea.

Under Variables -> Cross Domain Linking is enabled.

Question is now where to add the domain(s) which I want to use for Cross Domain Linking?

Or do I need to push a event like How do I accurately measure the same visitor across multiple domain names (cross domain linking)? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?

Under Tags -> Custom Url -> “Optionally, specify a custom URL which should be tracked instead of the current location.” is stating “instead” and talk about 1 url only (which is not a domain).

Please advise.

CrossDomainLinking uses the Domains setting above the send Beacon setting.

Since it is not clear how the input string should look like, I just send the following js after OnLoad:

_paq.push(["setDomains", ["*.domain1.asia", "*.domain2.net", "*.domain3.id"]]);