Bulk Request API with getPageUrl and url parameters

I’m having an issue with using the Bulk Request API. Using this call, I can successfullly get data for a page url:


Decoded, the pageUrl used in the call above is:


When I use several of this type of request in the Bulk Request API, however, it doesn’t not return anything. For example, I use the same call above with a two different pageUrls:

URL 1: locations/549823?view=single-event&event=467
URL 2: locations/549823?view=single-event&event=468

I’m assuming this is because each of the urls passed through the Bulk Request API is encoded in full, so it is treating “&event=467” as another parameter in the call, instead of as part of the pageUrl.

Is there any way to get around this without having to do individual single requests?

can you please post an example URL that fails to load data, on the demo.piwik.org server? when the bug is reproduced there we will investigate and create an issue in github

Hi Matt,

Thanks for responding!

I looked through the demo.piwik.org site and there don’t appear to be any URLs using ampersands in the list of Pages, so I’m not exactly sure how to reproduce this issue there. All those URLs are separated with commas instead, so it seems like the demo site is already setup to avoid this issue.

I asked my host about configuring the server to accept comma-separated parameters and they said they cannot/will not let me do that–only ampersands are accepted.

Let me know if there is anything else that can be done to test this on the demo site?

You can generate fake visits on demo.piwik.org with the ampersand, and then it will appear in the demo in real time.

Then after 1 hour or few hours it will be archived and show up in the data. This will make it reproducible. Could you let me know then? :slight_smile: