Bugs with Email-Reports


I’m having some problems with this feature.

  1. If I use HTML format it sends the report directly in the email (not attached), it’s not very annoying but more is the fact that the report is in English whereas if I use the “download the report” feature it gives me a nice HTML in French.

  2. So I tried the PDF format but here it sends the report of last week instead of the month ! (I did not change anything compared to 1) That’s strange because when I use the “download the report” feature I get a nice PDF with the month report.

So, the download feature is very nice but I can’t get what I want with email sending. Do you have any idea?


Can you confirm from point 1) that the whole content of the mail is in english and not only the first 2 sentences of the mail content ?

Concerning 2), in your report settings, have you configured “Email Schedule” to Weekly ?

It seems I was tired…

I confirm 1) and 2).