Bug: wrong translations for Login_MailPasswordRecoveryBody

A lot of translations for Login_MailPasswordRecoveryBody are wrong.

E.g. the german one expects %2s to be the password, but it’s the IP address actually.
As far as I can see that’s the case for most translations.

The params given (via sprintf) are:
$login, $ip, $url, $resetToken

and the german translation looks as follows:
‘Hallo %1s, \n\n Ihr neues Passwort lautet: %2s\n\n Damit knnen Sie sich unter %3s anmelden.’

It seems the translations need to get updated/invalidated accordingly.

(I would have posted this at trac, but there’s still the redirection bug after password reset)

Thanks for the report, ticket created in: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/1119