Bug with graph series selection in Custom Reports Evolution widgets



We have a dashboard with multiple evolution widgets displayed. Each widget chart has a few series:

When I change the series to display on Chart 1, they actually update on Chart 2. Removing Chart 2, then the actions target Chart 3.

Notice I have unselected Visits and Hits series, yet they still display.

Looking elsewhere in the dashboard I see they’ve been removed from a different widget:


I updated to the latest version and this is the new version of this bug.

Notice the charts do not disappear when the series is removed from the graph.

(Lukas Winkler) #3


This indeed seems like a bug.

Can you post the error you are maybe seeing in the console of your browsers developer tools (F12)?

Can you reproduce the issue on https://demo.matomo.org?



I don’t see the custom reports add-on there. I did not see anything in dev tools.