BUG: Schedule old data deletion

Plugin: Privacy Manager
File: angularjs/schedule-report-deletion/schedule-report-deletion.controller.js
Error: Cannot read property ‘savePurageDataSettings’ of undefined
Problem: reportDeletionModel.model.savePurageDataSettings(this...
Solution: self.model.savePurageDataSettings(this...


Thanks for the info.

If you want to report a bug, I’d recommend you to open an issue on github:
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Can you also provide more details, what you wanted to do and how exactly it failed? (It seems like your lines are truncated)

The problem was when I tried to change the frecuency Piwik uses to delete old data in database. I could not change the frecuency value (day, week, etc). So, changing the file I specified in my previous comment did the trick. I will open an issue in github.

Piwik version: 3.0.4