Bug on all graphs after update


I’ve a big bug with all graphs on the admin interface just after the last update. I’ve chosen the automatic update as I always done, and now all graphs don’t show anything more:

so I’ve tried to use the plugin Invalidate historical reports to know if it can help, but no…

what can I do please?
can you help me please?

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I can’t know what error is occuring on your server, so the only way to find out is by looking at the PHP error log. There schould be more information on why these requests are failing.

Same here.

Where are the Matomo logs in the disk?

The error occurs in PHP so you can see the logs wherever PHP is configured on your system to store log files.

For example, I am using Debian, Nginx and PHP fpm and store my error logs to /var/log/nginx/matomo.error.log. If you don’t maintain your PHP server setup yourself then the person that does might be able to help you further.


I’ve setup error log in the virtual host (apache2) like this:

ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/piwikanalytics.mywebsite.com.log

And there is absolutely nothing in this log file, and nothing in others log files.

  • I use the last version updated op PHP 7.3.11-1
  • nothing wrong in Admin > system check (in matomo admin interface)

BUT I think it is the last matomo update that is buggy, I explain:

with firefox, when you open the window dashboard of matomo, and open the develloper console, you can see that the graphs images files are ok, but don’t appears in the admin interface:

here we go, look at the right screen, images files are ok, look at the left screen, all is wrong…

hope you can do something


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Can you reload the page while the network tab of the dev-tools are open. Those few aren’t all requests and there have to be a few that are failing.

thanks for your reply, it help me to solve the problem, juste after the matomo update, the tmp cache folder was unwrittable, d’ont know why…

A fatal error occurred

The following error just broke Matomo (v3.13.0):
An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to write in the cache directory

so I’ve deleted tmp folder and all is no OK

thanks !


Thank you @melimelo It also solved my issue as soon as I deleted the tmp folder.

Why the update process can’t do itself some checks before copying files, and gently inform you on what is wrong? It happened before and still happening.