[bug] multiple Custom Variables - Make it flat

Have multiple custom variables assigned - see CV_01.png

Select “Make it flat” - values from different variables are mixed up - CV_02.png

Use Piechart - values from different variables are mixed up - CV_03.png

One would expect each category has its own values which are comparable not all of them mixed up together.

Tested with 1.8-rc5

PS - I wanted to log it directly to track but I’m getting infinite redirect loop on login in all of my browsers, any idea what could be wrong (I’m accepting cookies)?

Thanks for the report. we should display the cog icon on the graph as well, to allow disable flattening: Flattening Tables via API and UI · Issue #3073 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

but otherwise the graph is expected behavior, plotting all values.

Well, I’m not sure if we understood each other.

My case is that I have three different custom variable groups ST, ID and LN.

ST - contains status of user logged/anonymous
ID - actual user ID
LN - language used by user

Now let’s say I want to plot graph with Language distribution only, however it’s not possible to make flat only one category, instead it flattens values from all categories. I’ve tried in 1.8-rc6 and it’s the same.

You’re right, we should allow this!

My idea to make it possible without adding new icons etc. is described in: Allow to plot a subtable as a graph · Issue #3165 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
let me know your thoughts, there if possible :wink: