[Bug]: Metrics are disappearing in the graph in custom reports

In the custom reports, I have a problem with the custom metrics displayed the graphs.
When the graph is loaded, I have all the metrics that I asked for as it should be.

However, as soon as I want to unbox one of the metrics so that it won’t be displayed in my graph anymore, several metrics are erased at the same time.

If I want to get my metrics back, I have to reload the page.

Example: What I have at the beginning

When I unbox one of the metrics, the others disappear and cannot be selected once again without me reloading the page.

I should be able to unbox one metric and keep all the others in my graph.
Moreover, I should be able to unbox a metric, and then check it once again in the list if I want it back on my graph, without having to reload the page.

Could you please tell me if I’m the only one to have this problem in the reports ? If so, how could I solve this ?

Thank you for your help !

Hello @Chaprou Could you please let us know if you are using Matomo On-Premise, Matomo for WordPress or Matomo Cloud? Also, could you please let us know the version of the Matomo instance you are using? Looking forward for your response.

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I have this issue with all Custom Reports in On-Premise Matomo version 4.14.2.

Hi @Iryna_Tyshko ,

Can you please get in touch with our plugin support team at support@matomo.org

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Hello !
I’m also on-premise and my Matomo version is 4.15.1

I guess I also nned to contact the support to fix this issue right ?

Hello @Chaprou. Yes, please reach out to our plugin support team at shop@matomo.org so we can further investigate this issue.

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