Bug - Matomo Tag Manger - Changes since the last version


we are using Matomo Cloud solution, paid version. Recently (1-2 weeks) we started to experience very annoying bug related to Matomo Tag Manager.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create and publish a version
  2. change let’s say 2 tags/variables or triggers
  3. without doing more changes go to Versions → Create new version


  1. “Changes since the last version:” - shows many entries changed which were not even changed in step2 . The last change was like 11 days ago. See screenshot 1 below.
  2. This is extremely annoying because it doesn’t show what was recently really changed in current setup - admin doesn’t see real changes
  3. Strangely enough after the version is saved and I go to “Edit version” it shows only the tags which were really changed. See screenshot 2 below.

Note: preview is not enabled

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Hi @nagyalex
As you are using Matomo Cloud, I suggest you ask directly the support team by email. I think maybe there was a Matomo update that generated this behavior.
(And as soon you get a reply from the support, don’t hesitate to share the solution! :wink: )

OK, email sent via contact form.

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Today Matomo support notified me it has been fixed for Cloud. Thank you guys.

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