Bug in 3.6.1: de.json is missing string, changed name of variable


in …\plugins\CoreAdminHome\templates\optOut.twig a variable’s name has changed:
old v3.5.1: {{ ‘CoreAdminHome_YouAreOptedIn’|translate }}
new v3.6.1: {{ ‘CoreAdminHome_YouAreNotOptedOut’|translate }}

But in …\piwik\plugins\CoreAdminHome\lang\de.json (German translation) this variable “YouAreNotOptedOut” is missing, so no translation…

Please check it, thx…

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

That is not a bug, the string simple did not got translated and is therefore not present in de.json.

I just retranslated the string via transifex and it will be included in the next version.