[BUG] Drop-Down Functionality Broken in 1.4

It seems like sometimes the drop-down functionality is broken in Piwik 1.4:

E.g., in my dashboard I have the search-term widget and it looks like this (after expanding the options):

+--Google (links to Keyword2)
+--No data to display

The same goes for the visitor country (GeoIP) widget:

+--New York
+--Washington D.C.
+--No data to display

I just had this issue when I head only two entries in each widget.
Now there has been an additional visitor and everything works fine again…

Known bug: Make Sub table always loads data for the right row when date=Today · Issue #1024 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

“19 months ago”?!
I don’t think I had these issues before 1.3 or so…