Bug after upgrading

(hyper_ch) #1

Hi there

I used 0.2.35 I think and upgraded to 0.2.37 (webbased upgrade). However that rendered all widget titles to something incomprehensible. What I did then was clean the databank, clean the php/js files and start a “new install”.

Once done, I did re-add my database stuff and all works, except that no graphs are being shown.

Instead of the graphs being shown there’s kind of a text box in it that says the following:


At least that’s the part that I can copy’n’paste.

Any suggestions?

(vipsoft) #2

delete the rows in piwik_user_dashboard. Piwik will give you back the default layout using the updated widget names.

(hyper_ch) #3

My bad… I didn’t activate notification that’s why I didn’t come back sooner.

It works now again. I think.

However I have one more thing to ask. In the latest version 0.2.37 - are search engines not listed under List of external Websites anymore?