Bug after update 0.4

(yara) #1


After updated the version 0.37 to 0.4 i have Smarty.class.php error beacause cannot include file tmp/template_c/%%AC^AC8^AC822097%%update_welcome.tpl.php but i have this file in the directory !!! The error display is from Smarty Bracktrace…

For save my stats i downgrade (delete all file) and install 0.37 version with existing database…

Waiting answer i not upgrade to 0.4 version.

thanks for your help

(vipsoft) #2

Please clarify how you updated.

(yara) #3

Just click to the automatic update link

(vipsoft) #4

The 0.4 updater should have deleted all the files in templates_c and cleared your browser cache.

Please open a ticket in trac with your backtrace attached.

(yara) #5

I have clear browser and template_c but you can see backtrace (image attached)