Browser issue - PIWIK code blocks displaying the content of pages in IE9 and Safari 4.0.4

I have installed PIWIK and added a standard JavaScript code at the end of the body of a page.
It works smoothly with Opera, Chrome and Firefox.
After PIWIK code was inserted - IE9 and Safari 4.0.4 block displaying page content.

I tested it by removing a standard JavaScript code PIWIK code from a page. The page was displayed properly again in IE and Safari and obviously in Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

It looks like PIWIK code blocks displaying pages content in Safari 4.0.4 and IE9.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me with this issue, please?

Can you share you website? I am not seeing any error like you are reporting

I solved a problem. This was caused by an error in html code of the page and Chrome, Opera and Firefox dealt with it still displaying the page while IE9 and Safari struggled.
The problem was that there was comment opening tag "<!-- " left strained and this overlapped with PIWIK opening tag comment.

EXCERPT from the html code:


Thanks very much for responding so quickly and expressing your interest in solving an issue, Adrian.