Browser detection into variable

I try to pull out browser detection. I kindly ask you to inform me if this can be done using the tracking code and not only from analytics.


Can you explain a bit more detailed what you are trying to achive?

Matomo runs the Browser and Device detection server-side using:

I try to store values inside contact form when it is submitted. I’m missing User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model. - matomo…


As said before: DeviceDetector is a library independent of Matomo and has been ported to many languages (, so you should be able to integrate it into your application.

So, we can install using Composer:

This package is abandoned and no longer maintained.
This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the matomo/device-detector package instead.