Broken images and "oooops" errors

I’ve been running Piwik since March of this year. Been loving it, especially coming from google analytics.

I’m running version 0.9. Currently I have 11 sites. I’m running my sites and Piwik on my 1and1 account. Piwik has it’s own database. My total combined pageviews across 11 sites is roughly 400 hits daily. The web sites (all drupal) do not exhibit any errors like Piwik does.

During the last week, things have been a bit weird. When I view “All websites” the daily hits graphs is a broken image for a few of the sites. If I hit refresh, it’s a different set of sites that have the broken image. I can deal with this, but would prefer it not happen.

The larger issue is when I go to the dashboard view of 1 of my websites. My Piwik has ran great for months, and only recently gives me an error on this screen. I get an “oops problem during the request please try again again” message, and then list of keywords or list of external sites ends up broken and never loading. Now if I go to the detailed view of that same information by going to Referrers|websites for example, then it works just fine! It’s only in the detail view is it broken.

I’m a PHP developer and have been a coder for 21 years now. I’m going to take a guess that it’s something on 1and1 (my host) side. But I’d like to give them some concrete information on what it is.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

The Multisites view has some performance issues that we’re working on addressing.

If I’m not mistaken, the broken images (sparklines) are a symptom of that.