Breakdown reports into unique vs non-unique visitors

Lets say i am reporting on a custom dimension that has been tracked along with a segment, i am then getting the top 10 of these, and then i would like to break down which of these 10 have been triggered by unique visitors (users) and non unique. Is there anyway to do this?

For example: i am getting the top 10 of dimension1 where eventAction=“add”. This will give me an ID of 1022 which has lets say nb_events of 12 ( i would like to report which of these 12 was by users and which werent from users.)

Currently im having to do another query eventAction=“add” with a segment of dimension1=1022 and userId != ‘’ (user id not null) then another call doing the same but this time userId == “” (where userId not set), and then doing this 9 more times for the top 10, and then putting that into a bulk request…

what is the best way to this, with the minimum amount of calls?



Not 100% sure I can help you on it but let’s give it a try.
First thing, thanks, I learnt a new segment with User ID is “” and User ID is not “”.
Just with those two segments, doesn’t it answer your first question when applied to the custom dimensions report?

Yes I am currently having to do that.

What i am currently doing is getting the values of the Top 10 dimension1’s (regardless of userId), and ideally i want to break down that top 10 (like a sub-table) of which of the values in that top 10 was from userId or not. So like value of dimension1 could be “Chair” which nb_hits of 20. out of that 20 i want to know which events were set with userId !="" and which were userId == “”. Like i said currently im having to do a second call for that second part, which is then making me do 10 more calls in total because im getting top 10.