Branded vs. Non Branded Keywords

Hi, is there a way to create a report for branded vs. non branded keywords in Matomo?
Alternatively, a segment or something that can differentiate the type of traffic.


Do you mean when using the “Search Engine Keywords Performance” plugin?

Not sure about that, but you can get branded vs non branded using Google Search Console and go from there (Looker Studio etc)

Correct, we just connected with GSC and are pulling in the keyword data into Matomo. We were hoping that we could then create reports with filters for either “keyword contains” and “keyword contains not”, but it does not seem to be possible…

I looked into it, and as far as I know, you are importing the keywords from GSC into Matomo and that’s one way.
Might be a solution with the “Search Engine Keywords Performance” plugin but I haven’t tried personally yet the GSC with the plugin.

Maybe someone else has a better idea, sorry.

What you need are calculated dimensions… And it’s not something you can do with Matomo, AFAIK.

You’ll need to make a custom script that parses the keywords and adds a custom dimension on the database.

Not really plug & play :thinking:

Better use a dataviz tool like Looker Studio for this kind of data wrangling.

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Thx Martino! Did not know about it.

Agree with Looker Studio : )

You can create a report for branded vs. non-branded keywords by creating a custom segment. To do this, you can use the “Referrer type” dimension to distinguish between branded and non-branded traffic. For example, you can create a segment that includes all visits where the referrer is your own website (branded), and exclude them from the overall report. This will give you a separate report for non-branded traffic. Additionally, you can use the “Keyword” dimension to further segment and analyze specific keywords.