Brainstorming Help Needed

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking to set up a Wordpress installation that can publicly display the individual visitor statistics for every single page of the blog. Simple visitor counter won’t do - I need to break down the visitors by some meaningful criteria, most likely by country. Stats by flag would look good, or perhaps even pins on a map.

An important part is that the stats need to be accurate and credible (in a legal sense), so I can’t just use some paste & play widget. Also, it’s supposed to be professionally looking.

All of this is supposed to happen in a Multisite environment (just mentioning, as some plugins/installations may have problems with that).

After careful research, I’ve boiled down the candidates to three: Slimstats, Piwik and Google Analytics. To my knowledge, all three of them can collect stats and spit out reports for individual pages without me having to put a different code on each of them (true?).

Slimstats seems the easiest to set up and fairly lightweight, too. Biggest downside as it seems is that there are Shortcodes, but no visual/frontend widgets whatsoever, so I’ll need to find the frontend elsewhere and hopefully be able to adapt it.

Piwik seems to be a considerably heavier installation than Slimstats, and unfortunately I’m only on a small VPS. Biggest advantage for me is probably the API, which I guess means that I can slap pretty much any report on my webpage (which most other stat solutions can’t).

Google Analytics is normally something I wouldn’t touch, but since I need stats that are absolutely credible (i.e. if the numbers are from Google, people will more likely take them for granted than if they come from my own server) it’s definitely in the running. Another advantage is that the stats wouldn’t be processed on my servers, but of course all of that would also make me more dependent. Also, I’d have to fiddle with the API and Google Charts to somehow get things to display.

Sorry for the lengthy post (almost done ;). I’m posting here because you guys are Piwik experts - maybe someone can chime in to give some advice and let me know if my basic reasoning is correct, or if there’s something I’ve overlooked? Many thanks in advance!

Go with Piwik 2.7.0-beta from: Index of /

and make sure to use WP-Piwik which is an awesome plugin for Wordpress that integrates PIwik very nicely