Bounce Rate Calculation is not reliable Piwik Version 2.10.0

Hello guys,

I was checking the statistics and the consistency between different parameters and I realized the bounce rate is not always correct.

You can check the attached files to see the problem.

This is the row evolution of matratzen-set.html page.

[attachment 2144 rowEvolution.png]

And this is the page Transactions overview of the same page for the exact same day.

[attachment 2145 PageTransactionsOverview.png]

What I see is, 32 pageviews, 29 were already in the site and came to this page via other pages of the same site and then 22 of those went to other pages in the exact same website. How can the Bounce Rate for this page be 100% ? Either I have a different understanding of Bounce rate calculation or this calculation is wrong, I looked for a definition of bounce rate in Piwik or the calculation logic to see if it is different or not but I could not find anything about that. I saw a lot of others complaining about the bounce rate calculation since 2011 tho.

Is there anything that I can do to fix this or this will be handled in a new release?

32 pageviews
Incoming traffic
29 from internal pages
1 from internal searches
0 from search engines
0 from websites
0 from campaigns
1 direct entries

Outgoing traffic
22 to internal pages
1 internal searches
0 outlinks
9 exits

Hi there

can you please try upgrade to 2.11.0 beta where this issue should be fixed: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

it should be fixed for FUTURE data only. please report or create an issue on the tracker if you still have this issue for future data (and if you use 2.11.0 beta5+)

Bounce rate means the percentage of single page session & it is calculate like
Bounce Rate = (Visits With Only 1 Pageview) / (Total Visits)
If your analytics showing 100% bounce rate the its not a good thing. This section should be between 30-40%. If it exceed the rang then its not a good thing. I think you should install another stats. Gostats might be helpful for you in terms of bounce rate.