Bounce rate calculation for a one-page website


I’m a newbie here and trying to make sense for a one-page website.
Since this is a one-page website, all the users always exit from index.html.
What this does is, it sets the bounce rate to almost 100%.
But when I look at the visitor log, we see other actions done by the user.
So can the logic for calculating bounce rate be changed to include if a user has done any actions on a page?
I hope this was a clear description of the problem I’m facing.
Thanks for your help.



Is no one using a one-page website with Piwik?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

If you use Event tracking then the bounce rate should not be 100% as each event is counted as an action.

Otherwise what other “actions” are your visitors doing on your single page site (downloads, outlinks, site searches?)


I’m looking at event tracking in the link you gave me. May be I’ll need to google more for this . Thanks again.



We need to calculate bounce rate and exit rate of website page, We installed piwik DB using mysql having tables like piwik_log_visit , action table as well.

We are able to view the bounce and exit rate of website on reporting dashboard but unable to find columns in piwik db table. We search these columns in all the table

Is Piwik provide any columns to calculate these values in db or we need to calculate using track data? If yes then please give the details about that.

Also How to track visitor session in Piwik_session table?


Dear sir

i have two websites

i have heard that we get more detailed report and also realtine report compare to Google Analystic.

i will be very thankfful if someone guide me how can i post my wesites on

As i m quite new help is appriciated in advance.

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vasant your problem is unrelated to the one discussed in this thread, please open a new one.